How to get 25,000 Followers on Instagram

Growing on Instagram these days is very tough. There are all sorts of strategies and tactics, but the most fundamental growth strategy is good quality content. Having a consistent feed, photos so beautiful that they get reposted by large accounts, all of this is easily possible if you give Lightroom presets a try. Take it from us, we have over 25,000 followers on Instagram - all of our posts, are edited using our presets...

What are Lightroom presets?

If you aren't yet familiar with Lightroom presets, I highly recommend you check out our Beginners Guide to Lightroom presets, in that blog post you will learn everything you need to know about presets in under 5 minutes. 

How can presets help me grow on Instagram?

By using Lightroom presets you can give your photos a beautiful look in one tap! That way you can not only achieve stunning photos that will get reposted by large theme pages and influencers, but you can also get a perfectly consistent Instagram feed, so that anyone who clicks on your profile is very likely to give you a follow. Although following and unfollowing people might seem like a better strategy to you, I promise it isn't, having good quality content that people enjoy liking, commenting on and sharing will lead to substantial long term growth. On top of that, all these other 'growth' tactics are very labor intensive, by simply applying our presets to your photos you can get stunning results in seconds.

What type of presets should I buy?

This all depends on your style, and the photos you post. We have an assortment of premium Lightroom preset collections that will work on both mobile & desktop Lightroom. Take a look at all of our collections and see what catches your eye. If you want everything someone can ask for in a preset collection, check out our Master collection. It comes with 50 presets that will work on almost any photo style. 


The only long term Instagram growth strategy is posting good quality content, the Instagram algorithm will reward you!