Lightroom Presets for Real Estate Photography

The right presets can help you transform the look of your real estate photographs. If you don’t yet know what presets are, they are basically a set of instructions packed into a file, which automatically adjust your photos, think of them as really nice instagram filters. Rather than spending hours tweaking the settings on your photos, presets allow you to get a great look on your photos in a matter of seconds. Check out our in depth guide on presets here. Today we’re going to be going through some Lightroom presets for real estate photography, and how they can help you sell more real estate.

Real Estate Lightroom presets

In the crowded and competitive real estate market, standing out is incredibly important — one way of doing that is by having really beautiful listing photos. However, most real estate agents are not professional photographers, and spending several thousand dollars on a professional photographer is not always an option. But, not to worry! By using presets, you can get a professional look on your real estate photos, even if you are taking the photos yourself on your smartphone.

Real estate agents and brokerage houses all over the world use presets in their editing suite to bring out the best in their different properties. But why’s that? Presets add value to your portfolio by achieving a contrast, color profile and tonal range that you could not achieve otherwise. This means that it gets to a certain stage where you have the image ‘done’ but not looking as good as it could be without it. This is where presets really come into play, because you can turn these great looking images into incredible looking real estate photos using presets. This will ultimately lead to a lot more clicks on your Zillow, Redfin or MLS listing and therefore lead to more interested leads. Now we are going to go through our four favorite lightroom preset collections that will work perfectly with real estate photography.

Real Estate Lightroom presets

The Best Real Estate Lightroom Presets

Real estate agents and photographers are always asking us what are the best lightroom preset packs for real estate? So, we gathered a list of our four best:

The Minimal Brown collection gives off a wonderfully warm, cozy feeling. This collection would work perfect for houses, outdoor shots, as well as for apartments. It will give your listing a much warmer and cozier feel, making it feel like home at first site. It comes with three individual presets that work for both lightroom mobile and desktop, that all give off a different, yet similar look.

On the other end of the preset spectrum, is the Minimal White collection. The presets achieve a beautiful minimal, high contrast look. This collection would work perfectly for high end apartments, interior shots (eg. kitchens, bedrooms, toilets).

The Vintage Tones collection is a bit of a wild card, but it works fantastically with real estate. This collection was made to give photos a vintage look and feel, this works great if you wan’t to achieve a ‘homey’ feel.

Lastly, our Bright & Airy collection. As the title implies, this will give your photos a tremendous bright and airy look, great for grabbing attention on clustered real estate listing sites, and standing out.

As a bonus we thought we’d include our Master collection… It’s our most sold preset collection. And for good reason.

The Master collection comes with 56 presets that will work great with a variety of photos. If you are looking to really step up your real estate photos, speed this is the ultimate collection.

We’ve created a special site on our store to help you easily find all of the real estate presets. Check it out here.